As part of our mission to empower women to take back control through self-love and self-care, we wanted to share some of our favourite Women’s Wellness websites that have empowered us through the years!

(There are even some small businesses in here to explore!)


To get us started, we are introducing you to Ohne! It’s time to break the taboos and talk about all things sexual wellness. Ohne is a female-led, period care brand that provides vegan and natural options to empower your cycle!

Alongside their game-changing CBD oils, Ohne has a fantastic online community from social media to their blog. They break down all sorts of topics and make periods ~dare I say~ fun again!

One of my (many!) favourite articles: Getting the Most out of Online Therapy

Read more from Ohne ~ Shop period care *


Let’s talk sex education!

Think empowerment, breaking taboos and community – yep, that’s Ungirl. A sexual wellness blog that re-educates people on sex, pleasure and safety. Founded by Cat, she talks openly about sex and creates a safe place to explore these topics.

The Ungirl Instagram is the place to be. I personally love the Q&A’s over on their Instagram stories. It’s a chance for people to share their funny stories, concerns and come together to empower each other!

One of my favourite articles: Female Sexual Empowerment ~ Read more from Ungirl

The Women’s Wellness Collective

The Women’s Wellness Collective cover everything from motherhood, holistic health, menstruation, body balance, to healing. They empower women to get curious about their bodies, take their health seriously and connect to the feminine spirit!

The Women’s Wellness Collective shop provides herbs, meditation essentials, home décor, motherhood tools, and lots of educational books.

An article you’ll love: A Guide To Grounding

Read more from The Women’s Wellness Collective ~ Shop


Salty launched on International Women’s Day in 2018. Need I say more?

They fight for digital visibility for women, trans and non-binary people. This incredible platform is opening up the doors for real conversations, better education and more inclusivity.

My Favourite Article from Salty: I Learned About Sex and Sexuality through Instagram: the new guidelines make that impossible

Read more from Salty ~ Shop Salty

Our Remedy

Our Remedy is a female-owned self-care and CBD brand. As a CBD user myself, there are loads of things I love about this brand. Their articles are so informative and they dive into HOW CBD boosts your well-being. Moreover, their self-care articles are always inspiring me to try something new!

My favourite article: 5 Lifechanging Ways to use CBD in Food and Drink

Read more from Our Remedy ~ Shop Our Remedy

The Sun and my Soul

The Sun and My Soul are a self-care business that consistently inspires me to love myself and do more self-care. Their beautiful blog covers topics such as rituals, mental health and self-care tips.

Check out their online shop for mental health resources and self-care essentials.

My favourite article: 5 Inspiring Books to Help you Through Hard Times

Read more from The Sun and my Soul ~ Shop The Sun and my Soul

The Good Trade

The Good Trade is all about sustainable living and well-being. Their site educates and inspires their readers to shop more ethically, live mindfully, and overall live a better life. I particularly love that The Good Trade invite a different woman every month to edit their newsletter and each edition is available to read here.

My favourite article: 99 Random Acts of Kindness

Read more from The Good Trade

Healthline – Women’s Wellness

Whenever I’m searching for topics on women’s wellness, I always find myself on Healthline and their women’s wellness section. I love this page because it covers such a wide range of topics, from sex, mind, body, fitness and nutrition.There is something for everyone here!

My favourite article: Mental Health Benefits of Doodling

Read more from Healthline

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