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Caring for your mental health is important all year round, but especially during winter. With the temperature dropping and the days getting darker, the winter blues, otherwise known as seasonal depressive disorder, becomes a struggle for many people.

How to beat the winter blues

Below we have compiled a list of helpful tips to get you through the winter.

Natural light is a must

Did you know our bodies get about 90% of its vitamin D from the sun? So, in winter a lot of people become vitamin D deficient! What does this mean for your body though? Well, it’s said that vitamin D boosts your immune system, bone health and reduces anxiety and depression. Moreover, one study even suggested that people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are more. Make the most of natural light: 

If you’re struggling to make the most of the natural light, consider light therapy. This involves a light box that imitates natural lighting. They have the potential to boost your energy, improve mood and of course, ease winter blues.

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Creating a routine

When life changes it can disrupt our mental well-being, making us feel lost and uncertain about the future. Whether you’re facing a career change, you’ve felt the loss through the pandemic, or your daily schedule has changed, it can throw you off balance. Further to the unexpected developments of 2020, the change of season can cause a dip in your mood.

Creating a routine that makes you feel good is vital. From morning rituals to evening essentials, find some activities that bring you peace and lift your spirits. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our list!

Activities to add into your routine:

  • Meditating
  • Yoga or stretches
  • Workout
  • Watching comedy shows and movies
  • Getting some fresh air
  • Call a loved one
  • Reading
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Journaling
  • Showering
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast

Increase self-care 

It’s easy to let it slip but during winter, it’s essential to prioritise your self-care. From your physical, mental, sexual and spiritual, to name a few. You can use your self-care activities to reset your mind, understand and release emotion and boost your well-being. If you’re not already prioritising self-care, start by doing 5-10 minutes per day and add to it when you can. 

Pro tip: widen your understanding of self-care. Think about what you do already to care for yourself. Can you bring more awareness to these activities, to make them more intentional? You may decide to put on some calming music, turn off distractions and make a warm drink. Take all your intention to this activity, what does it smell, feel and taste like?

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Mindfulness practice

Here at Naturally Elevate, we’re big on mindfulness. With a little practice each day you can heighten your awareness and cultivate a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself. This is why mindfulness can be so beneficial for mental health because it boosts your self-esteem and helps you recognise your worth.

Try this: develop a daily meditation practice. Start with a few minutes and build it up over time. You will start to experience more compassion and greater awareness in your life.

Get that body moving!

Moving your beautiful, divine body and filling it with nutritious foods is a fantastic way to boost your health – both physically and mentally. It’s an act of love for yourself. When you move your body you are releasing endorphins which assist in elevating your mood! Moreover, fueling yourself with yummy food gives you the energy and focus you need to move through your day with more ease. 


This one may be a touchy subject… We know the familiar feeling of tiredness but not being able to get any shut-eye. It’s frustrating, right? With this being said, sleep is needed so your body can go into recovery mode and boost your wellbeing. To improve your sleep you could try turning your screens off an hour before you plan to sleep. Alternatively, swap your digital devices for a book in the evening. This will help your brain to prepare for sleep and begin releasing the right hormones. Furthermore, you could try some supplements. For example, CBD has been shown to have great benefits on sleep, especially when related to anxiety.

Try this: Ohne ‘Yours, Hormonally’ CBD* drops are a great option for balancing your mood and restoring mental clarity. 

Alternative options to assist your mental health:

Weighted blankets

Known for their ability to help sleep and aid anxiety; a weighted blanket will be your friend in the winter. The cost of a weighted blanket varies but if you’re new to them, why not try out a more affordable variation before investing in a higher quality one. 

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Vitamin D supplements

As natural light is of short supply and it’s nutrients are essential to our well-being; vitamin D supplements are a great first step. They will give your immune system a well deserved boost and have been seen to aid mood disorders.

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A note from Naturally Elevate

Before we round up this post, we want to leave you with a reminder that you are never alone in your mental health journey. If you feel you’re struggling, please try to reach out for help and seek support. You deserve to be happy and at peace.

We hope these tips have brought value to you today and assist your self-care journey. Thank you for reading and we’re grateful to have you here.

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