Love Yourself First – Mini Self-Care Box | UK only


Love yourself first and treat yourself to these mantra cards and a healing crystal.

Included in your box:

  • Self-Love Affirmation Cards
  • A Healing Crystal Pendant

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Invest in self-love with these beautiful mantra cards and a healing crystal pendant.

Self-Love Affirmation Cards

Designed and manufactured alongside our beautiful candles, these affirmation cards are full of positive statements to reinforce a healthy mindset. Here at Naturally Elevate, we are passionate about the power of the subconscious mind and affirmations are a powerful tool to accompany your self-love journey. Say them out loud every day or write them in a journal to embrace the full power of them.

Healing Crystal Pendant

Exquisite crystal pendants to aid your self-love and manifestation journeys. These beautiful pendants can be weaved onto a necklace chain or simply add it to your collection. It’s the ideal size to carry with you, in a purse, bag or even a bra… (yes, that’s a thing and we’re here for it)

Rose Quartz – a subtle pink beauty. Rose quartz is the stone of love and can be used to manifest more love into your life or use it to enhance your self-love.

Tigers Eye – infused with golden streaks, this crystal is perfect for balancing your emotions and driving action. This powerful stone is an excellent choice for manifesting because it will help you take action on your dreams.

Amethyst – this purple crystal is special. Known for being a deeply spiritual crystal and wonderful for aiding peaceful sleep. Use this crystal to connect to your higher-self, tune into your intuition and raise your vibration. (Perfect for getting you into the right state for manifesting!)

Please note: each crystal is unique and may differ from the photos. Please use the pictures as guidance.

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Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye

Affirmation Cards

Self-Love Mantra Cards


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