Bespoke Blogging Package

If you don’t have an active blog on your website, let me be the first to tell you, you’re missing out!

Our package has been designed to manage the entire blog creation process, from research, creation, and uploading! There are no other packages like this! It will increase the traffic to your website, build a meaningful relationship with your audience and position you as an expert in your industry – which all helps to build sales!

Everyone has a story to tell… Whether you’re a corporate CEO, an eco-friendly coffee shop or a nutritionist, everyone has their own history, expertise, and motivation. 

Today, the internet is filled with millions of people trying to tell their story and chances are, there may be a story that is similar to yours. This makes fighting for your customer’s attention hard and once you’ve got it, you have to fight to keep hold of it too! 

You need to prove to your audience that you’re worthy of their time because you’re an industry expert. How do you do this, you ask? Connection

The best way to convince someone to stay on your site is to connect, be personable, and add value. If your potential customer can come to your site and find free information, chances are they will stick around. 

A blog is a great way to do this! It will transform how your existing and potential customers perceive you. First-time visitors will see your expertise as you’re able to educate them on the industry and services/products that you offer.‚Äč

But, how will a blog lead to sales?  

What are the benefits of a blog?

  • Tell people about your brand and your WHY
  • Build a relationship between you and your customers with personable content
  • Educate your audience on industry trends, news, and more!
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • An optimised blog will rank higher in Google and bring in more leads

This all sounds great, but I haven’t got the time to manage a blog!

I completely understand. That’s why we have created the Bespoke Blogging Package! You can focus on building your business and delivering your services and products!

Why your business needs a blog:

  • Positions you as an expert in your industry
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Improve SEO & increase leads by ranking higher in Google!
  • Build meaningful relationships with your audience
  • ‚ÄčEducate your audience on your brand, industry trends, and more!

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